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Professional Guide Service

Maestro Drew Diego Bennett

Maestro Drew Bennett is a professional with passion in his live performances; Unforgettable, Spiritual, Romantic and Passionate Flamenco Guitar melodies and Native American Flute songs which inspire and generate repeat clients year after year. Maestro Drew Diego Bennett is simply, unforgettable.

Rock Band ~RADIODOGMA~ unleashed
Some rocking friends of mine, in Heart and in Spirit. Click here to listen to their new recordings and to say HI...
My Arizona Guide [Professional Guide Service]
Looking for a Guide in Arizona, Caving, Tours, Weddings, Yoga on the Redrocks, Meditations with live Native American Flute Music, Dinners, Camping and Hikings? Or we can plan your next trip with you. Call David and Deb at 480-970-8186 or e-mail at
Red Earth Adventure Tours
True Gourmet Adventrue in the Grand Canyon
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